Strong winds in Redding topple tree onto home, shut down streets

Dec 30, 2014 7:18 PM by Charlene Cheng

Strong winds left quite a mess in Redding.

At the airport, the National Weather Service recorded wind speeds average 35 miles per hour.

A large oak tree fell across Girvan Road, blocking traffic for three hours.

"Its very scary and I, it's still a shock right now," Dennis Nelson said.

In southeast Redding, Nelson's home suffered major property damage.

The wind was so strong it knocked over a black oak tree right on top of Nelson's house on Lawrence Road.

"Well this morning I left and went to work and I got to work and I got a phone call about 8:30, saying a tree fell down across the house. So I rushed home and this is what I found," he said.

The trunk of the tree just narrowly missed a very important member of the family. Nelson says that his three-month-old son's crib is just behind the wall.

"Where the tree is laying is about where the crib is, and this morning after I left for work she put him on the bed, and thank god she did," he said.

REU crews were on high alert because of wind advisories, and worked quickly to turn off the power and remove lines knocked down by the tree.

Scott McClaskey, who owns Redding Tree Service, says this is a common sight during the winter.

"This year I've probably done 15 emergency jobs with trees down," he said.

Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to predict when a tree is a potential threat.

"Lightening up, trimming a tree will help it not fall over, but generally speaking you're never quite sure when a tree is going to fall," McClaskey said.


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