Stretch of I-5 Dedicated to Fallen Officer

Mar 7, 2013 8:45 PM

A memorial honoring a Red Bluff police officer murdered in the line of duty now has a permanent place on I-5, it comes more than ten years after his death.

The Officer David F. Mobilio memorial highway was officially dedicated Thursday morning.

The community of Red Bluff has changed a lot in the last 10 years but Thursday's ceremony confirmed that Mobilio will never be forgotten.

So many years after her husband was killed, and you can still hear the hurt in Linda Mobilio's voice.

“Ten and a half years ago, one of my biggest fears was that David would someday be forgotten by this community,” said Linda.

But on Thursday, those fears were put to rest. A seven mile stretch of I-5 through Red Bluff now bears her late husband's name.

“He was murdered by an extremist hoping to propel his misguided extremist ideas through violence against law enforcement,” said Red Bluff Police Chief Paul Nanfito, who lead the effort to create the memorial.

Through hard work, months of fundraising, and an act of the California Legislature, the signs were finally put in place in January.

“A permanent symbol of the sacrifice made by Officer Mobilio for, and on behalf of the citizens of Red Bluff,” said Nanfito.

Luke Mobilio was a year old when his father was killed. The signs don't fill the void, but they help.

“It is just really nice to know that it’s not just us remembering him, it’s the entire Red Bluff association and everybody who drives by there will remember my dad for the sacrifice he made,” said Luke.

On Thursday, his mother took the opportunity to teach him about his father.

“May you always remember what a wonderful man and officer your father was. And may you remember and be thankful for the members of the Red Bluff Police Department for everything they have done for us, for your dad and for you and your future generations,” said Linda Mobilio.

The signs are on both directions of I-5. There is one at Riverside Avenue on northbound I-5, and at Jelly’s Ferry Road on southbound I-5.


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