Stranded students seek refuge at Lassen View Elementary

Dec 3, 2014 8:50 PM by News Staff

Tehama County officials say approximately 20 students are stuck at Lassen View Elementary School this evening.

The collection of students, made up by an after school program, some high school students who could not get home on their bus, and a basketball team.

The high school students were on a bus in the area when road conditions became too dangerous for the bus driver to move forward. In a separate incident four students were stranded on a school bus on 8th Avenue and Shasta Boulevard, those students are okay and accounted for, and officials say they are not part of the group at Lassen View.

Tehama County authorities are using a helicopter to conduct overhead welfare checks.

County officials have not made a decision about whether or not school will be in session Thursday, but once a decision is made parents will be notified via the call system.


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