Storm helps local agriculture, but not enough

Mar 3, 2014 7:30 PM

When Richard Price looks at rain, it's like watching money fall from the sky.

The Butte County Agriculture Commissioner says this recent rain is great for the North State, especially those working in the Ag industry.

“It’s good news for folks that have livestock; the pastures are turning green,” he said. “And the orchard folks, even though we’re losing bloom, we’re getting water in the ground where we critically need it.”

But because of this year's harsh drought, many local farmers and ranchers have already lost big money. Some were even forced to sell their crops, cattle and equipment to make ends meet.

But this recent rainfall now has many in the business looking at a much better future.

“It’s irrigation you don’t have to pay for,” Price said. “It’s water you don’t have to pump and its food you don’t have to give to your livestock. So it’s a win-win in that way.”

And while this rain does give many Ag folk more hope, Price says the real economic savior is snow pack. But that's below 20 percent of normal levels.

“You talk about money coming down, that’s like money in the bank for the rest of the year,” he said.


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