Storm drain utility crews preparing for a rainy season

Oct 20, 2014 8:24 PM

Some much needed rain is soaking in the North State today, keeping public works crews busy in Redding, making sure storm drains don't back up.

The storm drain utility crew has drafted two pages of "hot spots" that could pose a huge problem this winter, if utility crews don't keep them clear.

As Shasta County gets ready for the much anticipated rainy season, public works crews in Redding are busy with maintenance work, at designated "hot spots".

"Hot spots are areas where leaves and trash could get clogged, causing floods."

During wet spells like this one, crews can expect to visit these areas up to three times a day.

"We are making sure we have drains open, and no trash going into the Sacramento River."

Crews say a storm drain on Riverside and Court is one of their biggest problem areas, because of all the trash that accumulates from a nearby homeless encampment.

"This is a pretty important hot drains right into the Sacramento River."

This ditch also has concrete flooring -- and nothing to keep debris from flowing into the river.

"It's not an earthen ditch, where the earthen ditch will catch all the debris and trash and grass..."

Another problem area for the storm drain utility crew is on Auditorium Drive.

"There's no pipe on the side of this street...and when this plugs up it floods the whole area."

Rainwater entering this drain gets funneled to the other side of the street, so utility crews installed a screen to keep the drain from clogging.

"It's the start of the season...the leaves haven't fallen yet...if everything comes down at once, you're cleaning drains and leaves, which will cause problems."

The storm drain utility crew certainly has their work cut out for them this season -- there are more than one-thousand drain inlets in Redding and only four crew members.


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