Store owner in Weed helps neighbors

Sep 17, 2014 12:28 PM

As more people discover their homes in ruins, the more people need help. Angel Fisher opened her thrift store in weed to help those who were left with just the clothes on their back.

"This is probably the most devastating thing that has happened to this town." says

Fisher is giving back after her home was saved.

"Being blessed that our house wasn't burned down our first mission was to make sure our families were to get back on their feet."

Having lived here a lifetime, Fisher says the weed community has always been there for her.

"The community has always worked together to help a family."

Now she is here to help.

"Clothes, blankets, we have cleaning products, hair brushes and toothpaste."

Her thrift store in downtown weed is taking food and clothing donations for victims of the fire. She is giving clothes to those who don't have any for free. She says she felt this is the right thing to do.


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