Stolen Laptop

Aug 22, 2010 8:13 PM

"When you lose something that close to you, it's not just your work, it's what you live for, it's a legacy" said David Parsons. He is grief stricken. David came to Magalia to visit friends, and had his laptop and brief case stolen from his car last Saturday on Sinclair Circle. But, it's not just the laptop and the items that were kept in the bag that he yearns for, instead it's the story the laptop held. For more than three years David has been working on a book entitled "Through Angel's Eyes", which traces the life of Angel Banuelos who is a world war II veteran. "It's more than just words on a page..." Parsons explained.
Parsons has invested nearly 10,000 hours on the book with Angel. He feels it is his mission to tell Angel's story, and people need to hear what heros like Angel, who fought under General Patton, did to ensure our freedom. David also wants to be sure Angel will be around to see the book's completion. "He's 87, he's been holding on to see this thing come into fruition" Parsons said.
David holds no hard feelings toward the person who stole the laptop, along with a camera which held hundreds of pictures of he and Angel. But, he asks them to return the USB drives that held his backed-up work, along with the information on the computer. He wants them to understand, this book means the world to both he and Angel, who has taught him forgiveness. "Angel told me onetime that you judge a man's character by the way he can forgive, even in light of loosing everything" Parsons said.
Parsons is offering a 1,000 dollar reward to anyone with information leading to the return of his laptop and work. Until then, he still holds onto one thing, "The beauty of what I have, is I have memories with Angel, and memories create emotions" Parsons explained.


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