Stolen Chico dog found dead

Jan 13, 2014 7:39 PM

A Chico dog stolen from the back yard of a home last week was found dead Monday morning. The most bizarre part is where the dog was found.

The family was waiting for their dog, Cody, to be returned home but made a disturbing discovery. The husband let their other dog outside but she was acting a little funny. That's when the dog lead him to Cody’s body on the side of their backyard. Cody was found lying on the ground with no obvious signs of trauma. They believe the person who stole Cody dumped him there. They took Cody to the vet where they found hemorrhaging in his mouth and say he could have been poisoned. They're awaiting autopsy results.

Beth Koch, the owner of the dog, says she got a call this morning of a similar situation to Cody’s. "I know for a fact someone has just called me and told me this morning that their dog was taken from their fence and the person was trying to get away with their dog and their dog escaped them. The husband chased this person down and saw that person get in a while van and leave. So something is going on in this community and we need to find this person. We need to stop them and who knows, it could be children next," says Koch.

Beth Koch says the neighborhood is usually quiet and they never expected anything like this to happen to them. In Cody’s memory, they say they're going to keep looking for this van and make sure that they get justice for Cody’s death.


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