Stirling City residents embrace the snow

Apr 7, 2015 8:01 PM

Several communities in the foothills embraced the cold temperatures and snowfall today. Residents in the Stirling City area of Butte County say they haven't seen this much snow on the ground in several years.

People shoveled away throughout the day after several inches of snow fell to the ground. Many say it is better late than never with the winter-like weather. The owner of the Stirling City Hotel says the area used to get plenty of snow, she hopes this is a sign of a brighter future for the drought.

"When I bought this building the people I bought it from said if you want your friends and family to see snow tell them to come at Easter." says Charlotte Ann Hilgeman, "I mean this is nothing, this is just kind of a sample, but we hope it is a sample of great things to come."


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