Still no Plea in Red Bluff Teens Murder

Apr 3, 2013 4:32 PM

Delay after delay in the murder case of 14 year-old Marysa Nichols is stirring up emotions in Red Bluff.

Attorneys delayed proceedings once again Wednesday as they waited for more information.

High profile cases like this one are expected to take a long time, its been more than a month since Bealer’s arrest and he has still not entered a plea.

“This whole thing has just been a nightmare, and it keeps getting worse and worse with no information,” said Marysa Nichol’s father, Ricky Nichols.

Ricky Nichols is discouraged by how the case seems to have stalled.

“I am about ready to scream at the police. Hand stuff over... if it is that rock solid of a case, then hand over what you have and let’s get started with this,” said Nichols.

Nichols isn't the only one who's frustrated. Bealer's attorney Shon Northum expressed annoyance Wednesday. He's received little discovery in the case.

“I understand the work of the police department but at the same time it is a little frustrating when i have a job to do and i am not getting the information that should be given to me,” said Northum.

Northum added, if he doesn't get what he is looking for by next Tuesday, he'll file a motion for discovery. The D.A. or the police could be forced to give it up.

“I do not know the policy of the police department but I am hoping that they are in their final stages because we want to have that final information,” said Northum.

Marysa's father hopes the information brings justice, but he says it won't bring his daughter back.

“There is never going to be closure, never. This may easy up and i may learn to live with it, and I hope I do.

We couldn't reach the police department or the D.A. Wednesday, but in the past they have said they are prosecuting Bealer for a reason and they don't want to compromise the investigation by revealing sensitive information.

Bealer will be back in court on the 9th.


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