State to waive all cleanup fees for Boles Fire damage

Sep 26, 2014 7:34 PM

Good news for families in Weed who lost their homes in the Boles Fire -- the state of California has announced it will cover debris removal and emergency shelter placement at no cost to them, or the town.

This is Angel Valley today, more than a week after the Boles Fire tore through the neighborhood.
State officials realized the magnitude of destruction the fire caused -- so instead of reimbursing the city for 75-percent of the cleanup cost, they are waiving all fees.
Property owners will need to sign a waiver to have CalRecycle clean up the remainder of their homes.
One family who lost their home of 22 years is thankful for the state stepping in.

"My daughter told me the state will pay for it and she told me to go sign's great because there's a lot of people that have no insurance and it's going to be tough for them."

"This is the first time the state has offered 100 percent."

County and state agencies did some cleaning of their own today --
A hazmat crew combed through the Angel Valley neighborhood, searching for hazardous materials and waste.
Sergeant Mayberry says debris removal can begin as early as next Wednesday, October 1st.
Property owners can go to the Weed Police Department to sign up for the service.


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