State of the State Address

Jan 24, 2013 4:24 PM

Cheering a California rebound, Governor Jerry Brown says voter-approved tax increases have put the state on sound financial footing but warns lawmakers that they must be tight-fisted with the government purse strings.
The democratic governor delivered his third state of the state address since reclaiming the governor's office Thursday.
"Against those who take pleasure, singing of our demise, California did the impossible.
You, the California legislature, did it. You cast difficult votes to cut billions from the state budget. You curbed prison spending through an historic realignment and you reformed and reduced the state's long term pension liabilities," said Brown in his opening remarks.
The main topics he addressed included reform of k-12 education funding, the need for the higher education systems to hold down costs, promotion of high-speed rail and water tunnels under the delta.
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