Stamp Out Hunger

May 8, 2010 8:56 PM

Workers at this post office are used to delivering the mail, but Saturday they will also be delivering thousands of pounds of food! They are taking part in the 18th annual "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive. "The needy and the homeless are in need of food all the time so the post office has done an exceptional job to keep the word out that this is not just a seasonal issue but something we deal with on a daily basis," Hope Center Spokesperson MaryAnn Aldrich explained.

People left their donations by their mail box, so carriers could pick it up while dropping off their mail. The drive comes at a crucial time. "This year the economy has fallen really bad and delivering the mail, we're out in the community and we see the people in need so this year the food drive is really important because the food banks are empty. We hope to fill them up in the summer months, not just the holidays," Oroville Event Coordinator Jerri Lefever stated.

According to the Point-Iin Time Homeless Census and Survey, more than fourteen- hundred people in Butte County reported being homeless in January. The Butte County Homeless Continuum of Care Council says that's a three percent increase from last year.

Meanwhile, the Oroville Rescue Mission served forty-five thousand meals to the less fortunate last year, all with donations. Exective Director Steve Terry says drives like this one make such a difference. "When other agencies have come and joined in on this, we call it a fight, a fight against homelessness, well the truth is the community has embraced them and it just makes you feel good to see all the people come together and help."

The food will be weighed, distributed evenly, and then delivered to the six local food banks. You can still make a food donation for the next three days, just bring your food items to the post office.


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