Squatters Take Over Vacant Chico Homes

Aug 13, 2014 7:47 PM by Joe Moeller

If there is an empty home in your neighborhood the Chico Police say to keep an eye on it. One local realtor says squatters are an ongoing problem.

Realtor Sandi Bauman ran into squatters twice this week in separate homes. The squatting problem happens all over Chico. She says the problem keeps her from doing her job sometimes and could cost money.

"It is so common anymore we don't even call the police anymore unless we are in serious danger." says Bauman.

We spoke with Chico Police who know it is a problem. They tell us it doesn't matter where you live, if homes are vacant they are subjects of being squatted.

Chico Police are urging everyone to keep an eye out so the right type of neighbors are moving in and not squatters.


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