Square Deal Mattress Celebrates 90 Years

Oct 22, 2010 11:45 AM

Lois Lash, 2nd generation owner says, "I'm very excited to think that my grand-daughters and my son has carried on a business that my dad started so many years ago." Lois Lash is the oldest living member of the Square Deal Mattress family. Her father, Ennis, established the company in 1920. After working for a local bed factory that had taken advantage of their customers by using bad materials, Ennis realized he could provide a superior product at competitive prices. Which is exactly what they're still doing today.

Richard Lash, 3rd generation owner says, "I have great satisfaction in the fact that I've been able to take the business from my grandparents and carry it on." Great customer service and quality furniture is what's keeps this local business thriving..

Since the recession, most companies have seen about a 26 percent decline in revenue. Square Deal Mattress has only seen a 10% decrease. They work consistently to improve their products, including using natural materials on mattresses, and still offering hard to find items. Richard says, "we still have a two sided bed which is really unusual. One of the few companies left in the country that are still doing it."

The company makes 4,000 beds every year, literally selling every single one. Customers are happy, which is what keeps them coming back. Jessica, 4th generation owner says, "we have great customer service and I know that's why we've been here. We stand behind everything we make, so I know we have happy customers."


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