Spruce Up the Oroville Historic Downtown District Day

Apr 25, 2010 8:46 PM

A big dose of spring cleaning in downtown Oroville, thanks to about thirty volunteers who got up early Sunday morning. They did everything from painting walls, picking up trash, and clearing weeds. The effort is called the annual "Spruce Up the Historic Downtown District Day." "We have so many people come together for this because they do take pride in our community and they like the way downtown looks," Sue Corkin, President of Oroville Downtown Business Association stated.

They want to make sure vistors from out of town like the way it looks too, especially with Feather Fiesta days coming up in May. "We have the big parade and a huge car show and we have thousands of people who come to our community so we are cleaning house before we have company," Corkin explained.

While many people were busy cleaning the area, others decided to be in a promotional video for the city." Local residents posed for the camera, with paintbrushes in hand, to signify a green line that will soon be painted on the streets. The line leads to different landmarks in the city including museums and the Oroville dam. Resident Clay Castleberry was there and was glad to lend a hand. "I like the community first of all, I like to participate and I have a good relationship with the city and the chamber for many years."

The video is meant to encourage people to visit the area and see all that Oroville has to offer. "We've got a lot going on out here, we have recreation that never ends- hiking, biking, swimming, float down the river on a sunny afternoon- we've got it all here and we're really proud of it and we like to show it off," Claudia Knaus, President of the Oroville Area Chamber of Commerce, said.

The green line already exist on the city but there is a part missing in the town. It will be painted some time next week. It could not be done Sunday because of the recent rain.


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