Spring Business Symposium

Apr 26, 2012 7:10 PM

The Chico Chamber of Commerce Spring Business Symposium gave business owners the opportunity to share ideas for growth and prosperity in the current economy.

Sharing ideas for success was the name of the game at Thursday's Spring Business Symposium, put on by the Chico Chamber of Commerce. "We are trying to bring relative topics and experienced business people together and they can share issues and find resolutions that face many of the small businesses in our community," says Roger Hart, Chico Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board.

Roughly 100 large and small local business owners from all different fields attended the seminar. Hart says, "We hope that we provide them solutions and a venue where they can talk about issues they face day in and day out."

Panel topics ranged from customer service to human resource challenges, even financing options for new business ventures. Local business experts Fleet Feet Chico owner Alan Rice and Jack Sterling, the owner of Madison Bear Garden and Mom's restaurant, offered advice to attendees. Sterling says, "Determination. A willingness to learn and never feel like you've arrived. You constantly have to improve yourself everyday."

Small business owners say, with the economy beginning to turn around, they are hopeful for a brighter future. Enloe Medical Center Human Resources Vice President Carol Linscheid says, "Everybody is probably hoping for a bit of a change and a stronger economy and more jobs. That's important to everyone." Sterling says, "I hope that the slight recovery that we're seeing presently will be continued and only expanded upon in the future."


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