Sports Drink Ban

May 28, 2010 7:59 PM

The senate voted 21 to 11 Thursday to get rid of sports drinks in public middle and high schools. It's a move designed to prevent childhood obesity. "I see what the state's trying to do to cut on sugar intake, but I think there has to be some balance there also" explained Corning High School health teacher Corine Maday.
These drinks are a favorite among athletes who gulp them down after sweating it out at practice. "I think that Gatorade, they may have sugar in them, but they're also good for athletes cause they have electrolytes and other things that are good for you in them" stated Samantha Pigmon, a Corning High School senior. Cornine Maday agrees that the drinks are valuable when she explained that "Gatorade does have as much calories and sugars as soda, but it does have electrolytes".
She also says that those electrolytes are beneficial to students who participate in sports and that they may also help with student performance "We know that kids who eat well and are nourished do better on tests and perform better in school".
The absence of the drink during school hours may force students to choose healthier drinks, but some say stopping there won't really make a difference "Less sugar in people's diets, but then again, it does happen at home though, it's all what the parents do" said Luis Piseno, a Corning High School senior. Corine Maday also feels that " Education for parents would help, having, or implementing physical education in schools".
Corning high school has already made many changes to provide its students with healthy options. "I think we have come miles in our cafeteria, in what we serve and how we serve" stated Maday. Whatever the measure's outcome, in the end, children must also be responsible for their own choices, and Maday feel that "Whatever is available, kids will choose, if we have healthy things for them to choose, they will still choose it".
Sports drinks have already been banned from california's elementary schools. The bill will now move to the assembly to be voted on.


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