Spend some time in the sky with the Birds of Paradise

Mar 25, 2016 6:26 PM by News Staff

Imagine traveling hundreds of miles in the air, just to get breakfast.

That's what one group of residents in paradise does on a weekly basis.

Every week a group of flyboys meet up at the Paradise Airport and head out for breakfast.

Known as the Birds of Paradise these local foodies will fly a hundred of miles for a good meal.

Dave Harmacek has been a member of the flying club since 1998, but has been flying for most of his life.

There's just the ego trip I guess,” Harmacek said. “You know you're just flying above all the traffic and you're just kind of free. When I first started flying I scared the pants of me when I got up in the air and forgot how to land the airplane.”

Today’s destination is Annie Ruth’s cafe where it’s been said the breakfast is fantastic.

“Whenever the weather is nice we just want to get up and get off the ground, and today we just happen to be in Brownville which is probably about 30 miles away from paradise airport,” Harmacek said.

The birds can sometimes have a flock of 6 to 7 planes, but today it’s just two: Dave and Brad Bailey

"I live in Magalia and I had my plane in Paradise and one day I just said hi to these guys and they said ‘well come on out, we fly on Saturdays’ and that's kind of how I got started with them,” Bailey said.

“We fly to lots of different airports within a hundred miles, Dave doesn’t like to fly for more than an hour so we kind of keep it limited for him,” Bailey said. “We’ll go to Fall River is a good one, we'll got to Petaluma, the Nut Tree, and we're planning a trip to go up to Montana in June.”

Once everyone is happy and full, it’s a quick walk back across the road to the airport, hop in the planes, and back to the sky.

As long as you've got an appetite and don't mid some turbulence, the birds welcome passengers on a space available basis.


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