Spencer's Gift Store Products In Question...

Nov 15, 2010 7:47 PM

" I had my eight year old daughter with me, we walked in and I was just appalled by all the things that were in there" said a concerned Chico resident. We'll refer to her as Jane, and this is what she saw the minute she walked into Spencer's Gifts store. Shelves stocked full of adult toys and books, outside just a small sign located in the bottom corner of the front store window warning of adult content inside.
"They just entice you with all these bright colors at the entrance and they've got little sesame street hats hanging there and all the bright colors, it looks like they sell kids toys" Jane said. The Spencer's Gift store in Rapid City South Dakota was raided just one week ago. At issue, just how much of its stock is actually adult oriented. Chico's Municipal Code states a business is classified as an adult book or video store if it has a substantial portion, 25 percent or more of its stock dedicated to adult paraphernalia or books. We took the matter to the city code enforcement office, we were told officers will be looking into the matter, as soon as time permits. Jane spoke with Spencer's employees who told her they are not responsible for stocking the shelves, she wants to know who is "Parents want to believe that the mall's a safe place, at least the stores should be an ok environment for their kids" Jane said.
City code enforcement officers tell us if Spencer's is violating the city code, the store will be told to remove the adult material and police will not be involved if the store complies.


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