Speeding ticket excuses

Mar 21, 2014 7:40 PM

Chances are you have to be somewhere and you're running late.

Knowing your luck, you get pulled over.

“I’ve gotten 6 speeding tickets..”

Most of us have been pulled over before -- the question is, do we try to get out of the ticket?

“I’ve tried to play the girl card before.”

While that didn't get Annmarie off the hook, this woman sure lucked out.

“He didn't want the pizza to get cold, so he sent me on my way.”

Officer Thompson of Red Bluff CHP says he's heard a variety of excuses from drivers he's pulled over.

“Late for work, late for school..”

He says some drivers go so far to play dramatic, hoping to get out of their ticket.

“They start crying as soon as the lights come on it seems like. You walk up and they’re balling, tears are running..and it’s not just women and girls – I’ve had guys cry because they were getting tickets.”

On average, a highway patrolman in Red Bluff makes up to 30 stops a day -- the most common excuse they hear: 'I need to go to the bathroom.’

“We would pass a gas station and they didn’t stop.”

No matter what the excuse, Officer Thompson says if you're not obeying traffic laws, you're going to pay for it .

Something Annmarie knows all too well.

“I've tried being honest and I wasn’t successful..”

Honesty couldn't even help Chico Mayor Scott Gruendl, who was busted last month for driving over a hundred miles an hour on highway 99.

One thing's clear -- you're getting pulled over for violating some sort of law.

“You need to be responsible for your own actions; it’s not everyone else’s fault you were doing something.”

Driving someone who is in labor to the hospital is on the short list of "no ticket" traffic stops, according to the CHP.


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