Special Numbers Day 11-12-13

Nov 12, 2013 3:24 PM

It's tuesday, november 12th, 2013... but are you aware of the sequence of numbers today?
It's 11-12-13 ... and to some, the day is extra special... because they say "it's all in the numbers."
Shanel Manzano and Elliot Bryant ... two self-professed "math geeks" ... got married on NBC's "Today" show this morning during a live ceremony.
And, they officially became husband and wife at exactly 9:10 a-m on 11-12-13.
The happy new york couple isn't alone in their quest to get married on a special numbers day.
According to "tie-the-knot-dot-com", about three-thousand couples are registered to get married today.
That's four times as popular as any other Tuesday in November.
November is traditionally one of the least popular months to get married.###


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