Southern California mom outraged at toy gun son bought off ice cream truck

Jul 21, 2015 1:34 PM by Associated Press, Photo: CBS Los Angeles

CORONA, Calif. -- A mother is speaking out after she says her young son purchased a realistic-looking toy gun from an ice cream truck.

Jennifer Vendramini's 9-year-old son bought the toy gun from an ice cream truck she says frequents her Corona neighborhood and is concerned over the dangers the toy presents, reports CBS Los Angeles.

"I was shocked," Vendramini stated. "I had no idea something like that could be purchased off an ice cream truck."

While the gun is sold with an orange tip to indicate that it is not real, Vendramini says it would be easy for a child to discard that feature.

"You just probably pop it off or spray paint it, and it looks like an absolute real weapon," Vendramini said.

The owner of the ice cream truck says she has a policy related to selling the cap guns to children.

"We don't sell the kids the guns unless they have parents' permission of that," the owner said.

When asked if she would stop selling the toys, she responded, "Yes, I'm pretty sure. I promise you that. Starting right now."

Vendramini says ice cream trucks should display proper signage of everything that is sold in the van, including the toy guns.

"Every parent should know what's available to be bought in an ice cream truck."

A Riverside County spokesperson said they do not have control over what ice cream trucks sell in the city of Corona, suggesting that authority lies with the city itself.

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