SoPo: Chico's Up and Coming Area

Sep 3, 2013 6:29 PM

A section of Chico is gaining a lot of business nowadays.

It’s called SoPo and it’s the area located south of the post office.

This area has rebranded itself with shops, art, cafes and a soon-to-be new tavern.

Danny Solis has owned a barbershop in SoPo for the past two years and in that time his business has increased greatly.

“I started with four barbers and now I’m up to seven,” Solis said. “This side of town is growing a lot.”

One of the most anticipated SoPo businesses is the Winchester Goose. Owner Rob Rasner said he chose this area because of its unique options.

“There’s a lot of personal craftsmanship that’s coming in down here,” Rasner said. “It lets you enjoy what downtown has to offer but just without the hustle and bustle.”


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