Soldier Surprises Son at Shasta Elementary School

Nov 22, 2013 4:06 PM

After three tours overseas, United States Army Sgt. Brad Brashears made a surprise return to his family Friday.

The soldier received a hero’s welcome as he walked through the halls of Shasta Elementary School in Chico.

Inside his son’s Gavin’s first-grade classroom, students said the pledge of allegiance and then asked Brashears several questions. They also gave him a homemade book of what they thought defines a hero.

Brashears said he wants to stay out of the Middle East bu,t believes fighting for his country’s freedom is something that must be done.

“It's not getting any prettier,” he said of the military conflicts in the Middle East. “So as long as we can do what we do over there and keep things outside of the United States, I think it's extremely important to defend this country.”


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