Snowden Local Opinions

May 28, 2014 6:55 PM

We wanted to hear what locals thought about Edward Snowden. Is he a traitor or a hero? After speaking to dozens of people, many of which didn’t want to go on camera, we got a mixed bag of opinions.

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has been on the run after releasing 1.7 million classified documents. He’s alleging the U.S. government forced phone companies to turn over phone records of the American people. The government has charged him with espionage but he is seeking refuge in Russia.

We asked locals what they thought about Snowden and his actions. Many we spoke to say they think he's being made to look like the bad guy. "I just feel like it's not fair. I feel like he's being mistreated," said Joyce Bladorn of Chico. Others say they can see both sides of the argument. "On one hand, I think a whistle blower... if there really is something wrong, it’s right that he should say so. But I also believe that he's an American and he should probably pay a little bit of attention to that too," explained Gary Coates of Chico. Some think he's a fugitive for his actions to our country. "I feel that he's a traitor but I am anxious to see the interview with Brian Williams tonight and hear his side of the story," said Cindy Bell of Paradise.

3Untitled-3Single Name:84002:{9431DACC-55DE-42BC-9051-09AAA4E7CA9C}ross.xpn.khsl.mosNo matter what their opinions were, almost everyone we spoke with said they were going to watch the interview tonight and were interested in hearing what Snowden had to say.


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