Snow shortage continues at Mt. Shasta

Jan 17, 2014 7:12 PM

We're hitting the middle of January, and Mt. Shasta Ski Park is still covered in a blanket of dirt.

"This year, as you can see on the mountain, it's pretty bare right now. The forecast doesn't hold a lot in store for us. We don't see anything until February, so that's even a later date than two years ago when we opened on the 21st of January," Mt. Shasta Ski Park Marketing Manager Jim Mullins said.

Unfortunately, the ski park isn't the only one suffering.

In the city of Mt. Shasta, there's no shortage of businesses that depend on the snow for customers in the winter months.

"Everybody feels it, certainly those who are directly tied to the tourism industry feel it, but also some businesses you wouldn't expect. Like, I was talking to the auto parts store the other day, and he was saying they're not selling chains, hydraulic hoses on plows aren't breaking, so it's really quite the ripple effect," said Leif Voeltz, who owns a local store.

Almost 300 workers in the area depend on seasonal jobs at the ski park.

"There's a lot of people on standby who are ready to come back to work. We have our staff all ready so it shouldn't be too bad of a transition. There's not a lot of options for folks here in Siskiyou County in the wintertime, because usually it's the ski park that does most of the employment," Mullins said.


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