Smash and grab theft hits third business

Jul 19, 2014 1:33 AM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

We're learning of a third business that's fallen victim to a smash and grab robbery. Custom Galaxy, a custom audio and video store.

Andrew Stricklan, owner of Custom Galaxy has been in business since 1999. He's spent the last three years at the Cohasset location. Never once has he been hit like this.

Early Thursday morning someone took a rock, smashed in his front window and left with a large screen tv.

Between the cost of the TV, replacing the window and repairing the wall, Stricklan is now out a few thousand dollars.

Could these crimes of opportunity become more common?

Just yesterday we reported two different smash and grab burglaries that happened around the same time and area.

One was at A & R Custom Butchering, where someone smashed the window and took the register.

The other was caught on camera. Four masked men broke through the front door of "the Jewelry Box" and took the jewelry inside.

The Chico police department says that while robberies are a daily occurance, break ins like these aren't that frequent. Police haven't determined whether these cases are related.


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