Sign Wars: Butte County Measures A and B

Sep 24, 2014 7:21 PM by Brian Johnson

You've probably seen them around town: election signs for Measures A and B regarding the cultivation of medical marijuana in Butte County.

But now, opposing sides on the debate over pot's fate in the county are both alleging improper and illegal behavior relating to the election signage.

Members of the group behind Measure A, B-Sane, allege misconduct by Measure B proponents in the form of placing signs illegally around the county.

Meanwhile, backers of Measure B claim B-Sane's Facebook page reveals they are illegally taking down Measure B signs from properties around the county.

"It's childish behavior," medical marijuana advocate Andrew Merkel said. "You can't do it. There's election laws and they're not following the election laws."

"Well what a bunch of hypocrites," said Helen Harberts, a B-Sane member. "[They say] protect property rights, but destroy everyone's. What a bunch of hypocrites. Follow the law."

For more information about measures A and B, including resolutions and arguments, click here.


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