Sign put up protesting gun show advertisement at corner of Hwy 32 and Bruce Road

Aug 18, 2014 6:02 PM by Brian Johnson

The busy intersection of Highway 32 and Bruce road now finds itself at the center of controversy, as one sign is claiming another sign is disrespectful.

It's the location is where Jeffrey Menzies shot and killed David Yang sniper style in the fall of 2011.

Every year (for the past 15 years), a promoter for a local gun show advertises the event on this corner.

But this year, another sign has been put up saying an ad for a gun show at the site where a hunting rifle was used to kill someone is disrespectful.

It has locals talking.

"If it's not the big of a deal to move the sign, maybe move it out of respect for the victim," said Chico resident Tim Bacon.

"Yes it's tragic that it happened there," said Paradise resident Jamie Truby. "But if the gun show has been advertising in that same spot every year for years and years and years, well that's where they advertise."

The show's promoter says he thinks he'll probably move the sign out of respect for Yang's family.


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