Sierra Oro Farm Trail

Oct 10, 2011 12:32 AM

Tasting food, sipping wine, and learning all about the local delights of Butte County.. That's how roughly 2,500 guests spent their weekend, travelling through the sixth annual Sierra Oro Farm Trail. Bertagna Vineyard Owner Berton Bertagna says, "Butte County has a lot to offer. There's so many things here that people don't realize."

28 farms and wineries in the Chico, Oroville, Paradise, and the Gridley area participated in this year's event. The passport weekend gives local farmers and wine makers the opportunity to open their doors and showcase some of the tastiest parts of Butte County..

One venue on the trail, Mooney Farms, known for its world wide italian cuisine. Mooney Farms General Partner Mary Mooney says, "We've got great, small family owned business and this is an opportunity for Chico."

And each year, Mooney says, the crowd gets bigger and better. "We had more people yesterday than we had all last year," she says.

The farm trail is known to many locals, but over the years, word has spread out of the area. But it wasn't just the outside visitors who had lots to discover about Butte County agriculture.

Chico Resident Stan Olborg says, "Places, some of them I knew, some of them I've never heard of and none of them that I've ever been to, so this gave me the opportunity to go to these places." Which is why Bertagna Sun Kissed Winery Owners say this weekend is great for business. Bertagna says, "It definitely helps getting people out, seeing our place and tasting our wines."

And almost everyone who visits the trail, leaves with a great taste in their mouth. Gridley Resident Cindy Davis says, "If you've never been before, be sure to come because it's a great experience and it's fun." Olborg says, "Anyone who hasn't done this before, by golly put it on your calendar for next year and do it! Because it's a heck of a deal. you get to see some really neat places, that you didn't even know existed and they're right in your back yard."


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