Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. revives locally cherished Pale Bock

Mar 5, 2014 3:40 PM

After almost five years of local pleas, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. will reintroduce later this month its Pale Bock, a golden lager, exclusively in Chico and a limited surrounding area.

Pale Bock was once distributed nationwide, but it earned particular favor in the brewery’s neighborhood. The beer will be available soon in six-packs and on draught as Pale Bock kick starts the expansion of Sierra Nevada’s Old Chico Brand series whose beers honor the tastes of the local community. Pale Bock was the inaugural beer of the Old Chico Brand series, and springtime Pale Bock will be followed by summer and fall offerings that will also be familiar to Sierra Nevada fans.

“In our pub and around town, folks tell us about the beers they hold especially close to their hearts, and Pale Bock always seems to be among them,” said Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada’s founder. “We share in their excitement for its return and look forward to a couple of other special brews later this year that cater to our loyal Chico family


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