Siblings Reunited After 72 Years

Jan 22, 2013 4:32 PM

A Magalia man got the shock of his life six months ago when he found out he has a sister he never knew about.
Bob Keillor was just four years old when his parents divorced. His dad took him and his four siblings and moved out to California, and at the time Bob had no idea his mother was pregnant. "I had heard rumors.. but you know how rumors are.. you can't believe it.."
His sister, Phyllis Phagan, said, "I knew about them because she would let out little bits of information that she had other kids."
Fast forward more than 70 years...when one of Bob's daughters was looking up the family's geneaology on-line and made the startling discovery.

"It was a shock that it happened on the internet because I don't even like computers.. i don't even like my cell phone," said Phagan.
Keillor added, "It was a shock to me and she said she's coming out to see you."
And just this week, Phagan flew out from Florida and the two finally did meet.
Now, they plan to spend the next few days getting to know one another.
Phagan is also going to able to get to know her brother's six children ... 16 grand-children... and 15 great grandchildren . ###


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