Shubert's Ice Cream Shop Celebrating 75 Years

Jun 9, 2013 11:49 AM

A Chico mainstay that couldn't be more perfect in hot weather. The folks at Shubert's Ice Cream Shop were serving up scoops for just a nickel in honor of the store's 75th anniversary. A line of hot people wrapped clear around the corner of seventh street and ended half way down main. 63 gallons of ice cream was necessary to serve more than the expected 4,000 people and they sampled five yummy flavors. They had the traditional strawberry and chocolate and also mint and cookies and cream. According to their website. In 1938 Leonard Shubert left Montana at the age of 54, to find a location in California for an ice cream shop and when he drove down the Esplanade he knew this was the place he wanted to set up shop.


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