Showers Diminish Across The North State Today

Dec 4, 2015 10:56 AM by Cort Klopping

Some scattered showers are continuing to pass through the region this morning, but mostly dry conditions are ahead for your afternoon. Most of the wet weather is taking place in the Northern Mountains early this morning, with just a fraction of the showers tracking into the northern end of the valley. Most of the wet weather will pass off to the East by this afternoon. Snow levels have dipped to around 4000 feet overnight. Temperatures are starting out in the mid to high 40's in the valley, and in the low 30's to low 40's in the mountains. Afternoon high temperatures will climb into the mid to high 50's in the valley this afternoon, and higher elevations will climb into the mid 30's to high 40's. Winds will only be up to around 10mph out of the South this afternoon.

Dry weather will be ahead for Saturday, but temperatures will not change much compared to this afternoon. Overnight low temperatures will be much cooler for your Friday into Saturday forecast. Wet weather will return to the region early Sunday morning, and could last into the early morning hours on Monday. The next chance for showers will then arrive on Wednesday and last through Thursday. I hope everyone enjoys the mild conditions ahead for today, has a fantastic Friday, and a wonderful weekend!


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