Shopping for jobs at Mt. Shasta Mall

Mar 27, 2014 8:04 PM

Visitors headed to Mt. Shasta Mall put shopping on hold to browse for jobs.

"I've been in so many different areas. I like people. I communicate well. I love the interaction. I can go indoors, outdoors, I can travel," said jobseeker Cheryl Essington, who has over 40 years of professional experience.

According to the Employment Development Department's website, the unemployment rate in Shasta County is about 11%, but jobseekers and employers alike hope that number will go down.

"If you look around to all the shopping centers and restaurants, there's people out there spending their money, so I think that if we just continue to provide employment opportunities then things will get better," said Theresa McCausland, Director of Workforce Development for Goodwill Industries.

The Smart Business Resource Center says that while they are seeing more job postings, more people are looking for work because of the recent cutoff of federal unemployment benefits.

"It should be a great motivation to look for work now. You don't want unemployment to run out before you look for work because it might take you months to find a job," said Smart Center Program Advisor Sou Saechao.


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