Shooting range officials respond to Mary Lake neighborhood concerns

Feb 25, 2015 7:50 PM by Charlene Cheng

Shannon Smith is fed up with finding bullets outside of her house.

"There's a hill between me and the gun range. It goes over the hill, onto my porch, and over here by the basketball hoop after a girl scout party," she said.

And she isn't alone.

Her neighbors in the Mary Lake area of Redding have teamed up against the nearby Record Range Training Facility.

25 acres, used by local law enforcement agencies for shooting practice.

In response, the Shasta County Peace Officers Association, which operates the shooting range, announced that it's going forward with plans to build a covered structure over the entire facility.

"All we can do is try to be good neighbors, by doing what we can to keep this range operational and functional for the agencies that need it, and to allow them to live peacefully next to us," said Bill Schueller, president of the Peace Officers Association.

He adds that with the way the facility is designed, it's unlikely that bullets are even leaving the property.

"Before the homes were built, we didn't have the same restrictions that we have now, so it's possible that bullets ricocheted years ago," Schueller said.

Residents are convinced that the bullets they've been finding are undamaged slugs that have been fired recently.

T"his pavement wasn't even poured 10 years ago. This is new pavement and a new house. These are new bullets that we're finding," Smith said.

Now residents are asking that the range be temporarily shut down.

In the meantime, they still plan on making a presentation to the Redding City Council next month.

They're asking the council to stop the Redding Police Department from using the range.


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