Shingle town Triple Homicide Suspect Sighted

Sep 28, 2013 12:26 AM

Shasta County Sheriff department have released new information in the rural Shingletown triple homicide.

Officers received a tip of a possible sighting of Shane Miller, 45, in Fort Jones, Calif. Two hours away from Shingletown, Calif. where his wife and two daughters were killed.

Miller has a red beard and was on foot, wearing a blue flannel shirt, green slacks and a ball cap. He was carrying a large green backpack, according to the press release.

The murder occurred on the 28000 block of Alpine Way, sparking a nationwide manhunt for Miller, the prime suspect in the investigation.

Authorities have said a call was made on May 7 inside the family’s residence while the shooting was in progress; it’s unclear who placed the call inside the home.

Police have issued a warrant for his arrest.

If you have any information on Miller, you are encouraged to call the Shasta County Sheriffs office at 245-6025,Siskiyou County Sheriff's office at 841-2900.


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