Sheriffs detain man suspected in string of burglaries

Jan 1, 2016 2:26 PM by News Staff

Butte County Sheriffs detained a man Thursday suspected in a string of burglaries in Oroville.

Jason Schiszler, 40, was arrested at his home near the 1900 block in Wyandotte Avenue in Oroville. During the arrest, sheriff’s deputies found and seized 4 firearms and parts to an addition one suspected of being stolen from a resident.

The suspect was identified by neighbors of a home that was burglarized Dec. 29, who saw the suspect fleeing the home and took his photograph.

Schiszler was booked into Butte County Jail on two counts of burglary, possession of stolen property and three counts of firearm possession. His bail was set at $190,000. Police are investigating additional burglaries that they believe the suspect to be involved.


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