Sheriff: Immediate danger in Wintu Way area

Oct 15, 2014 3:11 PM by News Staff

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office has advised residents to stay away from the 1900 block of Wintu Way, due to the immediate danger presented by chemicals and explosives located Wednesday.

Sheriff Bosenko said in a statement Wednesday, "there is an immediate and dangerous condition, possibly threatening public life, health and safety as a result of presumed unstable explosive materials".

Sheriff's Deputies have been on the scene since Saturday when a resident found several containers of unknown chemicals and powders in an outdoor storage shed.

Over the last three days bomb technicians worked to identify and remove the majority of the items, but several boxes contained items that had characteristics consistent with homemade explosives. Bomb technicians successfully detonated the items in question Tuesday.

Following Tuesday's detonations, deputies conducted a search of remaining outbuildings and located more suspicious materials.

Neighbors in the area of 19529 Wintu Way have been notified advised to stay away from the property.


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