Shasta Sanctuary burns, owner needs help

Sep 17, 2014 11:50 PM

Up until Monday, Gabby Yoakum ran the Shasta Sanctuary from her home in Weed, California. She and her husband and daughter were home when smoke began to rise above the hill next to their house. Within seconds on a dry, windy day, hot embers were flying through the air towards their home. They didn't have time to grab the animals, but instead had to throw open all the doors and started throwing dozens of dogs and cats outside, and yelling at them to run. A few of the animals turned up alive, but several are still missing. Two cats are at the veterinary center, and are expected to survive, though one may be permanently blind. The Yoakums need help with mounting vet bills, and they plan to rebuild their sanctuary and help foster abused and neglected pets. If you'd like to donate, they have a paypal account set up at


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