Shasta Lake boating marinas get an early start to the season

Feb 5, 2016 7:51 PM by News Staff

El Nino is bringing much relief to the biggest reservoir in the state and Lake Shasta is more than sixty feet higher today than it was in the beginning of January.

Last year Lake Shasta was sitting in about 960 feet of water and official statistics say that's about 20 feet lower than where it is today and for one local marina more water should mean a flood in business.

Kevin Kelley operates the Holiday Harbor marina in Shasta County. Higher water levels in Lake Shasta are bringing an early work flow to his crew.

Operations Manager Kevin Kelley said the marina preparations are going smoothly.

“We are 20 days ahead of schedule the marina and docks back,” he said.

Kelley said last year his crew got a late start because of the drought and boating activity on the lake was pretty dry too.

“It was weak in June and in July,” he said.

The phone calls are starting to pour in, Kelley said, with people wanting to make early reservations for this summer.

“A lot of phone calls from people who haven't come up here in three to four years.”

For a business that can only stay afloat when there's plenty of water Kelley says he's holding his breath hoping El Nino continues to fill Lake Shasta.

“It's looking very promising to us,” he said.

Other marinas around Shasta County said they also have crews setting up their docks and houseboats.


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