Shasta County welcomes home Vietnam War veterans

Mar 28, 2015 6:58 PM by Charlene Cheng

One chime of the bell for each of the 46 Shasta County Vietnam War veterans who didn't make it back.

For the other veterans, this is a belated welcome back.

"They went, they did their service to our nation. They came home and they were spit upon. They were not welcomed home. They were not given the honors and accolades. So it's critically important at this late juncture that we start paying the respect back to those veterans that so richly deserved it and so richly earned it," said Bob Pasero, who serves as the National Chaplain for the Missing in America Project.

This year, they laid to rest four soldiers whose remains were never claimed.

"We find those individuals who richly deserved a military service and we provide one for them, by statue now, I think it is in 48 states required, and it's in federal law," Pasero said.

One family was there to say goodbye to its own beloved Vietnam veteran.

Elbert Lee Murphy passed away in November.

"We're putting my brother to rest so that we have a place to come talk to him. His body is not here but his soul is here all the time," Vicki Leeper said.

Near the end of his life, family members say that they had difficulties keeping track of him, but now they know that he's safe at home.

"It's also a relief because he's resting here where he wants to be. With my mom and dad, over here in Shasta County," Leeper said.


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