Shasta County Supervisors tackle honey oil issues

Oct 21, 2015 12:36 PM by News Staff

The Shasta County Board of Supervisors are taking a proactive approach to combat honey oil production in the area, which has already contributed to a number of explosions, caused a fire and a death in Shasta County.

On Tuesday, the board considered a possible ordinance that would regulate the sale of butane fuel, which is used to extract the oil from cannabis.

Some suggestions from the community included setting an age limit for butane buyers, and limiting the number of butane cylinders one person can purchase.

Supervisors are aware this wouldn’t stop people from buying butane over the internet, but anti-drug groups think it’s important the county take a stance.

The Board of Supervisors only has legal authority over the unincorporated parts of Shasta County, but the City of Anderson has already been researching the issue for some time, and are considering an ordinance to track the sales of butane.


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