Shasta County Sheriffâ??s Office uncovers phone scam

Mar 27, 2014 1:12 PM

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office has become aware of an area phone scam in which several residents of Shasta County have been called and told they have an outstanding warrant for their arrest.

The individuals making the phone calls have identified themselves as either Captain Truitt of Lieutenant Carl Jones. They told the citizens they had outstanding warrants and they could send a deputy to their residence, or the citizens could pay their fine by purchasing a “Green Dot Card” from Rite Aid.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office would like the citizens of Shasta County to know that they are in no way connected to either of these subjects and would never solicit money from the citizens of Shasta County. This is a scam designed to unlawfully take the money of Shasta County citizens.

The phone numbers that were being used are 510-2103 and 999-8811. The 999-8911 number has been disconnected since the investigation began. The investigation into the scam is ongoing at this time.


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