Shasta County passes ordinance banning E-cigarette use indoors

Dec 16, 2014 7:38 PM

The Shasta County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to pass a county-wide ordinance that would ban indoor use of E-cigarettes.

The ordinance would affect all businesses in Shasta County.
The board also denied "vape" shops the option to request an exemption for clients wanting to test the electronic devices inside the store.
Owners of Nor Cal Vape in Redding say they are disappointed in the board's decision.

"We knew going into this board meeting today that the decision wouldn't directly affect our business. We're here to stand up for consumer rights and to advocate for the vaping industry as a whole", said Kari Hess, co-owner of Nor Cal Vape.

"It's not that people can sell use or buy E-cigarette products, let's not use them in a way that's gonna be potentially harmful to bystanders", said Doctor Andrew Eckert of the Shasta County Public Health Department.

According to Dr. Deckert E-cigarettes are much more than water vapor -- they contain an aerosol of exhaled nicotine equal to or higher than traditional cigarettes.
Several cancer-causing chemicals are also present inside E-cigarette liquid, such as lead and formaldehyde.

E-cigarettes are currently not regulated by the FDA.
The new ordinance will go into effect January of 2015.


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