Shasta County community honors fallen officers

May 13, 2016 12:48 PM by News Staff

The Shasta County community came together to honor police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Shooting deaths of officers has risen 70 percent in the last year and Shasta County has lost 12 officers since the county was founded.

The police community just asks that who have fallen are never forgotten.

The day to stop and reflect means so much to the family of fallen officers.

Dana Blair who lost her husband Deputy Stephen Blair during a gang ambush in Los Angeles said the annual memorial brings her much needed comfort.

"He would be happy that people still remember every day because it's not just him that lost his life,” Dana Blair said. “There's many others, countless friends we've lost before then and since. Like the sheriff said, everybody's part of the same family."

Retired Deputy Dan Kupsky isn't surprised, Dana Blair has received so much support since moving to Redding.

"We would welcome her with open arms because we all understand, law enforcement is a family,” Kupsky said. “It's a brotherhood. I don't care if you're an officer in Tennessee or Northern California or overseas. It's a brotherhood, it's a calling.”

And that calling to serve and protect was strengthened by the outpouring of appreciation from the community.

"We're proud of them, they're just like a veteran,” he said. “They lay their lives on the line every single day and get virtually no thanks."

And indeed officers are our friends. Dan husky said that a few bad apples sometimes ruin it for everyone with some of the police brutality we hear in the news, but when it comes to a life threatening emergency, even those that complain about the police want them there.


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