Shasta County braces for big storm

Dec 10, 2014 8:03 PM

In Shasta County there is a city-wide effort underway to prepare for Wednesday night's big storm.
Action News Now reporter Angela Musallam drove around Redding, and got a look at the different ways people are preparing.

Winds started picking up in Redding around one O'clock Wednesday afternoon -- dozens of people flocked to Viking way to fill up their sandbags ahead of the big storm.

"Unfortunately we have two creeks that run right near our home and one is within six feet of our bedroom."

It's Karen's first winter here in Redding with her husband.
They're collecting 25 sandbags to place around their home in hopes of keeping rain water out.

One family packed more than two-dozen sandbags, preparing for the worst -- but hoping for the best.

"Hopefully it'll keep all the water from flushing our house away."

Aside from flood worries, homeowners are concerned with potentially high winds knocking trees down.

A tree limb collapsed onto a home overnight with no wind -- the homeowner isn't taking his chances with the upcoming storm.

"Taking a look at the tree, it's obviously going to have more breakage and this wind will just add to that.

Along with high winds, you get an overwhelming amount of debris and leaves -- a combo that's sure to cause flooding around Shasta County.

Redding's Department of Public Works made their rounds Wednesday afternoon, stopping at locations like the Redding Oaks Mobile Home Park -- a problem area where debris can easily clog a storm drain.

"They've had some flooding issues here with the last storm that came, so we thought we might check what's going on...what we found is the pipe that goes from this inlet was plugged, it's got material in it which can cause flooding."

If this storm is anything like the one Tehama County experienced last week -- the Shasta County Sheriff's Office is prepped and all ready to go.

"Our dive team trains for swift-water rescues, so if for some reason there's flooding and somebody tries to pass through a creek, or a low-lying roadway where water is over the road and gets stuck, our team is trained to go our and perform those types of rescues."


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