Shasta College resumes classes after overnight shooting

Oct 27, 2014 8:17 PM

A shooting last night at Shasta College prompted security to be ramped up around the campus and has Redding police searching for the suspects.

Redding police aren't calling the incident a school shooting, but rather a spat between two unknown groups who happened to take their beef inside the school's parking lot.

"I was really shocked and kind of scared to come to class..."

Class was back in session this morning, after shots were fired inside this parking lot at Shasta College around 8:30 last night.

"We locked down the school, and made sure all the students on campus were safe."

Redding police say a school coach heard and saw about 20 people with covered faces arguing in the parking lot next to the gym, and walked over to break up the fight.

"The coach was the one who called 911."

A black male adult got into a silver sedan with his group, and as he drove off, he fired multiple shots into the air.

"Everyone was accounted for, no one was injured."

Police spent the night patrolling the campus and dorms, and gathering statements from witnesses.
The school administration sent out an email and two text messages this morning, informing students of what took place Sunday night -- but some didn't get what the hype was all about.

"I'm not too worried about being on campus I mean it happened..and today it's been fine...I wasn't nervous at all."

But it's a cause for concern, says Shasta College President Joe Wyse.

"Safety is the main priority for students here."

Wyse says training faculty and staff in martial arts is part of the safety culture at Shasta College, and the school is now taking safety measures to a higher level.

"We have a new lighting project that will make the campus and parking lots more visible, and we are working to trim hedges to make the campus safer, adding a new line of sight."

Jessica Johnston is also taking safety to a new level -- she says she's considering arming herself with bear mace or even a pocket knife when she leaves her night class.

"I should probably walk with someone to my car, and have some kind of protection...definitely."

Redding police still don't know if the two groups attend Shasta college, or just pulled into the area to settle their dispute.
They urge anyone to come forward if they see a Black male driving a silver or black sedan around Shasta College.


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