Shasta College Pumpkin Patch

Oct 28, 2013 7:06 PM

Here in the North State, there's no shortage of farms to pick your own pumpkin off the vine for Halloween.

But the pumpkin patch at Shasta College Farm has a unique story behind it.

"One thing that sets it apart is that it's all student ran and student grown. We didn't have actual farmers to plant them. All the students are involved and they put it together and they get it growing," said agriculture student Jessica Cain.

For the students, planting a pumpkin patch is extremely labor intensive.

The process starts in the spring, when seeds are first planted in one of the greenhouses on campus.

The plants are then transferred to the fields in the summer.

By October, the pumpkin patch is ready for local school children to visit.

The Shasta College students take the opportunity to show the children around the farm and give them a glimpse into where pumpkins come from.

"They see that it doesn't just come from a grocery store. It's grown and produced by humans and now just, 'Hey, it magically appears in the grocery store!'" said Cain.

Next up for the agriculture department...Shasta College will hold a Christmas tree sale every weekend starting November 30.

The annual Shasta College Country Christmas on the Farm will take place on December 7 and 8, with wagon rides, a petting zoo, and Santa Claus.


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